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The Extroverted Couch Potato

Katie Suss

Anxious Bunnyrabbit, Ltd. Reverse the stigma one healthy conversation at a time. #mentalhealthmatters

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    Salutations, dear readers. Katie here. Because our fearless leader here at Millennial Girl, Interrupted is a generous human who strives for inclusivity and a variety of perspectives, I will be guest writing on this fine blog (hopefully more than once). Below, I hope to shed some light on my personal experience with anxiety and to… Continue reading The Extroverted Couch Potato

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    Welcome to Millennial Girl, Interrupted!

    Olivia Epley

    Founder of Millennial Girl, Interrupted, a senior in a small Connecticut high school. I've been through many treatments and recoveries and am eager to share the lessons I've learned!

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      I was inspired to make this blog, believe it or not, by the National Walkout movement in the wake of the Parkland shooting. I attended a school for students with special needs: academically capable, but emotionally disabled. Most of us suffered from generalized anxiety and depression, as well as a smattering of other illnesses like… Continue reading Welcome to Millennial Girl, Interrupted!